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February 2021

One of the best moments in January was Helen Mary getting her vaccination against the Covid virus. We Sisters are amazed at the work of the scientists in producing one so quickly and wonderful that our oldest Sister was called up so quickly.

Our friendly builder firm continues the work of replacing the roof tiles on St John’s Home and at the moment are on a very tricky stage above one of the entrances and close to the kitchens.

I can’t resist pictures of the snow so here is the Chapel and here am I, courtesy of Sr Jean Raphael as photographer. The snow didn’t last long and thank goodness didn’t turn to dangerous ice!

On the 2nd February, we celebrated the end of the Christmas season with the Presentation of Christ in the Temple in our Chapel.

Helen Mary loves the garden and gets out there whenever she can, albeit for shorter lengths of time these days. It is lovely to see signs of Spring shooting up, here are some opposite All Saints on the path leading to Douglas House.

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